Happy 2018!!!

I took some time to reflect on what I've learned regarding self awareness. Not just accomplishments, like with my YouTube video, which is a testament to the outward work I've done, but the internal realizations and adjustments I've had to make throughout the year. It's not been easy, but it shapes me into who I am today and I love that person...mostly.

Breaking Christmas

This essay was originally published as part of a holiday compilation organized by Clay Rivers called: Christmas Memories. I was and still am extremely flattered and humbled to be asked to participate in this. So much so that I said yes before I knew any of the parameters. It was a fun project that introduced me to a number of different writers. Please take the time to check them out.

Time Out with TaLynn Kel – OnyxCon 2017 Comics Edition

I visited OnyxCon 2017 and sat down with comic creators Ashleigh Davenport, Manuel and Geiszel Goday, and Rod Brown to find out about their projects. Links to their info are below.

Segment 1 is Ashleigh Davenport, the creator and writer behind VuDu legends and owner of Final Beat Comics. http://www.finalbeatcomics.com/

Segment 2 is Manuel and Geiszel Goday of Black Sands Entertainment. http://blacksandsentertainment.com/

Segment 3 is Rod Brown of Native Comics. http://nativecomics.com