2016 - The Year of Change (Under Construction)

This year I've attended more conventions than EVER.

Conventions and costumes this year:

February - Atlanta Sci-fi and Fantasy Expo, Cyberpunk Vampire

February -  Hair of the Dragon Costume Photo Party, Sith Lord

May - MomoCon: Sith Lord and "Not Zatanna"

June - The State of Black Science Fiction: Luke Cage

June - Dr. Law's Photo Party - Blade

June - HeroesCon: Luke Cage and Thanos

July - San Diego Comic Con: Nightwing Harley Quinn, Luke Cage, and Thanos

August Pre-DragonCon Photoshoot:  Nightwing and Asgardian Storm

September - DragonCon: Death, Bleez, Nightwing, and Thanos


Photographers I shot with:

Atlas Photography

Bryan Humphrey

David Leo

Dru Phillips

Dr. Law's PhotoLab