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Reflections - May 2018

Reflections - May 2018

I can’t believe it’s already May. This year has been a whirlwind of successes and disappointments that I’m still reeling from experiencing. I’ve been both unemployed and self-employed. I’ve started vending at conventions, something that is both fun and scary. I’ve grown as a writer, gained more much needed confidence, and am plotting new projects for the coming year. It’s been good.

This year, I will be a guest at MomoCon, which is a new achievement unlocked. While I was a guest at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library’s first-ever convention earlier this year, I was invited to be a guest at MomoCon last year, making it the first con guest invite ever. It’s fitting that in the few weeks before the convention that I drop some flashback footage to last year’s event.

If you didn’t know, we, KY Stovall Productions and I, started Time Out with TaLynn Kel this time last year. It was an on-the-fly decision, in that we just said “hey, let’s do a video project. How about some interviews at conventions?”

And that’s all it took. Well, not really. I had to get some equipment and be coached on approaching complete strangers to interview them, pick music, and learn more than I ever wanted to know about video production. We decided to start at MomoCon, as I was already going to be there and there you go.

Since then, the project has changed a bit. Originally, I thought I’d only interview cosplayers, but as I was embarking on a new phase in my life, I realized that I wanted to hear the stories of all types of Black, independent creators. And what stories they have been. I’ve learned that the hustle is real and that all these people out here trying to promote themselves are doing so at tremendous personal investment/ Between our families, struggle jobs, and self-care, we are pushing ourselves – and yes, I now consider myself one of these folks. Trust me, there are sacrifices made at every level and it is way more than money that inspires us. Supporting yourself through creativity is and has been a rich person’s luxury and a talented person’s luck. And still we try.

Anyway, here’s a look at one of my first interviews from 2017.

Keep creating!

Today we're taking it back to the beginning - my very first interviews for Time Out with TaLynn Kel. These interviews were recorded at MomoCon 2017 where I conducted my first ever on-camera interviews. Side note - this is the last interview I did that weekend. Anyway, meet Allie of Allie Cat Cosplay.

Stop Sacrificing Your Blackness for White Approval

Stop Sacrificing Your Blackness for White Approval