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Costume Throwback - Warrior Queen

Costume Throwback - Warrior Queen

Halloween 2005. I found the crown during a San Francisco trip with a friend. We were strolling through the stalls at Berkeley where I saw this wire crown that I thought was gorgeous. I paid more money than I should have at the time (I was kinda broke) but I loved it.

That crown inspired me to try to make my own breastplate. Initially. I was going to learn to make chainmail, but I wanted to have something for Halloween so I knew making my own chainmail was out. 

I'm on the large side, too, so I knew I wouldn't be able to buy anything off the rack. I had a co-worker who would make holiday trees from gold safety pins, translucent beads, and lights. I thought the safety pin, bead idea was awesome.

Two weeks later, after sitting on my chaise with a pile of safety pins and 2 piles of beads, I had a bodice. Mostly. The next problem was figuring out how to wear it. Duct tape to the rescue. The top underneath the bodice is also duct tape. So are the boots, because finding thigh high boots for a larger thighed woman was ridiculous. In fact, I failed.

But I did get to wear my crown. 

Were there some issues? Definitely. I didn't glue the pins closed so every time I bumped into something, I would accidentally pop one open and beads would spill off. Then, because the pin was open, I'd stab myself. And those duct tape by they end of the night they were sagging halfway down my legs.

The one thing I took away from the entire experience is that silver spray paint on a plastic sword looks AWESOME. And I did get to wear my crown.

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