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One Punch Man

One Punch Man

I loved the One Punch Man anime. Truly loved it. It was fun, irreverent, and I enjoy overpowered characters. I enjoyed everything about this anime...except this shit right here. I literally flinched and swelled up every time I saw Superalloy Darkshine on the screen.

Who the fuck colored him? WHO? And he was the only Black person in the comic, which I expected because apparently Black people don't exist in anime, so whatever. But this shit?

I'd rather there be no Black people if you can't fucking understand that THIS is not how lips look on Black people. Seriously. My lips are goddamn brown. My mom's lips are brown. My sisters' lips are brown. My friends' lips are brown. And I'm not saying there aren't Black people with big pink lips, but I sure as fuck don't know any. There may be a pink tinge to them, but not full on pink. Seriously.

Truth is, they understand. They just don't care because...

Well, we know why.

For reference, the pic on the left is the character, Superalloy Darkshine, because how can we have a Black character without somehow referring to his skin color in his name. The image on the right is Sambo, the "lovely" racist depiction of Black people in America. Sambo was stupid, lazy, and meant to promote the idea that Black people were less than, well, less than everyone.

But, you know, racism is dead.

This is that shit. This is that shit I can't stand. You can't like anything. You can't enjoy ANYTHING without having to swallow some racist bullshit with it. If there's a Black character, they are a joke. If there's a Black character, they are a stereotype. If there's a Black character, they are killed, a criminal, a traitor, ignorant, a drug dealer, in a gang, illiterate, abused, a slave, a prostitute, a 'baby mama', a crackhead, poor, desperate, unlovable, unlikable, secondary, invisible...or and this is rare, too perfect to be real.

This is what it means for me to participate in popular media - it is to be shamed, belittled, and undermined constantly and be expected to accept it as ok because "it's not real."

Well, it feels pretty fucking real.

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