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The Podcast Problem

The Podcast Problem

This past weekend my spouse and I hosted a holiday gathering where we invited our friends and family to hang out, snack, and game with us. During the party, one of our guests decided to record some of the event for their YouTube channel. This person never checked in with the hosts or asked anyone at the event whether it was okay to record them or post it on their channel. Needless to say, I confronted them about it, only to be rudely dismissed. After taking a few minutes to calm down, I readdressed the issue and was told the video had been deleted.

Now, I don’t know if this is true, but considering that I felt the need to tell the person not to do it twice, I’m thinking they got the hint.

The situation got me to thinking about YouTube videos and consent. Do people need it? Is it okay to record something in someone else’s home and post it to your public channel without asking anyone’s permission, much less getting release forms signed?

After some research, the answer is no, it’s not okay. You need to have people sign releases to post them on your channel or else they can sue.

Not to mention that it’s rude as shit.

Here is a link to some information about posting videos and consent.

Learn what you can and cannot do before you cause some problems.

I’ve been thinking of doing some podcasting but I’m kind of afraid of it. I guess I should just embrace the concept and run with it, but I don’t really know what I have to offer an audience, much less have any idea of what audience I want to reach. I’m trying to work through it, but it kinda scares me, especially as internet hate is a tangible thing.

Also, I don’t know if I would do the “let’s film what I’m doing” thing. Except at DragonCon. DragonCon is fair game. The badge is your waiver, so anything goes – although you can step it up and have people sign a waiver for being on your channel.

It’s something to think about.

But yeah, if you are doing that “slice of life” shit, don’t do it in my house. That shit will get you banned.



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