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Costume Throwback - DragonCon 2007

Costume Throwback - DragonCon 2007

I was going through some old files and stumbled upon my DragonCon 2007 recap.


DragonCon has come and gone…

And coming back to real life, even in this limited capacity because I am NOT going to work tomorrow, fuck a bunch of that shit, is almost surreal.  I spent the last 4 days living in a hotel not even 20 minutes away from my home in Atlanta.  Getting there was a pain; checking in was a pain; finding parking was a pain; coordinating the arrivals of my friends was a pain; picking up my badge was a pain…but then when everybody got there, it was instant good time.  INSTANT!

Now, I’ve started writing about this 3 times already, and now I am just going to mention the highlights:


Costume: Cigarette girl

This was a costume I put together with one of my co-workers.  She and I conspired on the cigarette tray, on the hats, on the outfits…I made the hats from duct tape, covered the box in an old skirt, put on some fishnets and mary janes and bought candy cigarettes and red hots.

 It was SUCH a cute costume and went over really well with the crowd.  I enjoyed trying to give my candy away.  It was very, VERY fun.  We wandered around the hotel and partied until 4am.  Very fun night.


Saturday Day

Costume: Domino

I wanted to see the DragonCon parade and actually got up early enough to see it.  Unfortunately, I chose to stay with one of my friends rather than just going to the parade and missed it AGAIN.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

So we got dressed (and now is a good time to mention that every costume takes at LEAST an hour and a half to put on, especially with face paint.  Face paint usually bumps the minimum wait time to 2 hours.  Lawdy).  I was Domino, my friend was Kitana, and her outfit was POPULAR!  Man did she look good.  I half hate her, except we looked really REALLY good together. 

We walked around A LOT.  I gotta tell you, those boots, while cute, hurt like a mofo after a couple of hours.  Sexy as fuck though!  Check out the Saturday daytime photos here.  They came out AWESOME! 



Saturday Night

Costume: Bloodstorm

People loved the Storm with the Mohawk when they finally recognized I was Storm with the Mohawk.  Mohawk Storm!!!

I had 2 different pair of fangs and that denture putty shit is complicated.  I fucked it up twice.  After about an hour I had to spit the fangs out or fear of swallowing them.  BOO FANGS!

I could have gotten some made but, um, EXPENSIVE!!!  Like $100 for custom, last forever fangs.  Sadly, I am considering it although this is the first time I have EVER dressed as a vampire.  BUT I really liked the Bloodstorm costume, even though I kept takin people out with my big ass Mohawk.  GREAT night!

And I was totally diggin the Storm vs Bloodstorm thing.  Next time I’m going to find more Storms…there weren’t a lot this year which was surprising.  *shrug*



 Sunday Day

Costume: Dark Dark Phoenix

Ok, this costume was…I dunno.  I LOVE Dark Phoenix.  I was highly anticipating this one, and dreading it because I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out.  I must say that I am extremely satisfied with it.  I think it looked fantastic and the make-up…I mean, WOW!  So worth the money.

I chose to do Dark Phoenix this way because I wanted to do my version of her after she destroyed the planet, when she was totally out of control and basically lost her shit.  This is the darkest of Dark Phoenix, overloaded on power, completely crazy, yet strangely beautiful in her madness; because madness is beautiful in its own way. 

Now, I know I am going to fucking lose every single one of my cool points (as if DragonCon didn’t already do that) but this was the day that fucking ROCKED my DragonCon.  Brent Spiner, Data from Star Trek The Next Generation, stopped me and asked if he could take a picture of my costume because he loved it.

Brent Spiner.


I fucking LOVE Data!  LOVE.  I cried when his character died.  I went to the walk of fame room specifically to see if he was there.  The fact that he stopped signing autographs to call me over so that he could take my picture ROCKED MY WORLD!  I completely geeked out and went all fangirl.  I lost my shit.  I admit it.  Afterwards I ran off to tell my friends and then called my dad.

That shit made my whole weekend.  I LOVE DATA!!!!

Ok, so the Dark Dark Phoenix costume worked out extremely well.  I am proud of it.  VERY proud, even though I didn’t get the crowd response I wanted.  Except from BRENT SPINER!  WOOOO!!!!


Sunday Night

Costume: Typhoid Mary

Ok, by this time I was exhausted, screaming about all the fucking face painting and considering not even getting dressed.  My face was sore and tingling and I was scared I was going to break out.  I could barely get it together to pose but this year I had this plan to find a Deadpool and a Daredevil…and you know what?  I DID!  It was great.  They had a Marvel/DC character photo shoot which was fucking fantastic.  It was a lot of fun but holding those poses was ridiculous.  I am looking to get some of the pics that some other people took of me with Daredevil, Elektra and Deadpool.  I gotta say, I had so much fun!  SO MUCH FUN!  Totally worth it and I can hardly wait for next year!

So that was DragonCon 2007.  Check out ALL the photos we took here. 

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