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The Me I See

The Me I See



Every time I see a new picture of myself, I have to reconcile what I thought I would see with what I actually see.

That is to say, I have to merge my mental image of myself with my actual image.

And I know, a lot of photography has to do with angles and lighting and poses – and I am not a professional. I work with professionals, but I’m just someone who likes to have a little fun.

Today I had a professional photo shoot and it was fun. A lot of fun, actually. But then I saw the pictures.

I *thought* I had different looks on my face.

I *thought* I’d held my body differently.

I *thought* I looked good, you know, a little cute, a little sexy, and a lot of fun.

What I saw was my double chin. And my large arms. And my thick waist.  And huge breasts.

What I saw was not cute, sexy, or fun. I saw a fat woman being fat. And I hated it.

But that was my first look.

I’ve found that when I receive my images, I need to look through them several times, take a couple of days to process, look at them again and process some more.

After about a week, I can look at and appreciate the images for what they are. I can accept that this is what I look like and that if I think I’m beautiful then they are beautiful.

But I will freely admit, it’s a process. And that’s because we live in a society that tells us to hate ourselves for being fat…and I don’t hate myself, quite the opposite, actually. I love myself. So when I face the reality of my fatness, it causes a cognitive disconnect – it make me stutter and pause as I have to relearn to love myself – or rather, as I learn to love who I see.

This happens every single time I take pictures, unless that picture is that one angle that makes me look completely proportional and not as big as I am i.e. the picture that tells the lie I want to believe. 

It is what it is. I know that in a week, these won’t bother me at all, but for the moment, I have to learn to love them.

I should mention that the photographer, Dru Phillips, was awesome. I love working with him. He just makes you feel like you belong in front of the camera, regardless of how you feel after the fact. 

Here are some preview shots.

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