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When White People Are Too Hateful to Realize They Fucked Up

When White People Are Too Hateful to Realize They Fucked Up

This essay was originally published on The Establishment on November 10, 2016.

You ever have that shitty boss who likes to micromanage you? They want you to check in when you get to work, check out before you leave. They make random walks through the office to see if you are at your desk and challenge everything you’re working on. They insert themselves into your projects, make changes that are often incorrect, blame you for the fuck-up, and then try to force you to apologize so that you can keep coming back for that same bullshit. They are petty tyrants and they get a kick out of lording their tiny bit of power over you. And you keep coming back because you need income and this is better than homelessness and starvation.

For Black people, that petty tyrant is white Amerikkka, and in 2016 they elected someone who promised to let them keep their petty tyrant title.

That’s right. America elected a thoughtless, entitled, ignorant, racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQIA, ableist jerk as the next president of Amerikkka because he promised that they could keep their mediocre status over people of color. They elected a man who ruined his businesses, threatened and assaulted many people, lied repeatedly, kept secrets, and has no plan for the country. He openly promised segregation, mass deportation, and a wall to keep brown people from the south from crossing the imaginary border around the U.S. And they did it because they believe they will be able to actively oppress other people who they don’t consider human.

They did it to feel powerful.

Many of them voted against their best interests because they think this will put white people at the top of the pecking order in America. Like they ever weren’t. They voted to keep the illusion of power. The thing is, unless they have money, Trump doesn’t give a shit about them. All the things they think Trump will do, he can’t actually do—except continue to oppress marginalized populations. He can continue doing that because if Amerikkka has proven one thing, it’s that it doesn’t care about People of Color and that feeds into the superiority complex of mediocre white Amerikkka. Terrorizing people who are perceived as lesser is what bullies need to feel strong.

And terrorizing is what will happen. It’s already started, but once Trump’s changes illuminate how everything they thought they voted for actually brought them nothing? When they realize the shell game Trump played with their emotions? When they realize that the shit they fought to repeal will actually hurt them? These people, the fucking poorest of the white people who thought being racist would solve their problems, will seek out those they think are weaker than them and do everything in their power to scare, threaten, and terrorize them.

They will lose their insurance. The jobs won’t come back. Their towns will continue to die. People will die because they can’t afford medication or treatment. There will be more pollution as the environmental protection laws are gutted and they will have no legal recourse when fully mechanized manufacturing facilities pollute their land and water. And as they suffer, they will turn to Black people and blame us for their fuck-up, and then try to punish us for the future they chose.

Because white supremacy is the lie that leaves white people wallowing in their mediocrity. It is the pathway to their demise. I’m just fighting not to go down with them, which is basically, it’s business as usual but with a lot more white supremacist rage, entitlement, and empowerment.  

And white people, y’all gotta own that shit—especially white women. I can’t even begin to understand how sexual assault is okay with you, except, apparently, racism overrules everything. Even your own safety. Even your self-worth. Even your right to your body. Fuck all that, gotta have that white supremacy. Cuz Amerikkka’s always been great for women, especially back in the olden days. Y’all fucked this up and you’re going to feel it. Your fuckery would be impressive if so many people weren’t about to suffer because of it.

The future is bleak and I am horrified by half the people in this country. Amerikkka is a bunch of impotent petty tyrants willing to burn it all down rather than reflect, learn, grow, and collaborate. It is full of silent racists who think they have nothing to lose and while I’d love to watch you burn in the fire of your hateful rage, I gotta save myself and others from your ignorance and selfishness.

May your self-righteous ignorance render you sterile as you are crushed by the rocks from your fucking wall.

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