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What’s Next?

What’s Next?

**Updated 12/15/2016 - I took down my events page back in May because people started googling me and only going to that page and it kinda scared me. It seemed kinda creepy, so I opted to err on the side of caution.

#29DaysOfBlackCosplay is coming to a close and I realize I’m a little sad about it. This month created a mission for me and got my butt in gear as I promoted Black cosplayers all month. And while I know this isn’t the end, it’ll be challenging to find something else that mobilized so many people, so consistently. You know, other than conventions and photo parties and all that.

To that end, I have an events page that no one visits. I know this because I check my page views. All that’s to say that I’m pretty sure page followers are not aware that I’m going to be hosting a cosplay panel on Saturday at 3pm at the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo in North Dekalb Mall.

The Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo is a FREE 2-day event catering to gaming, comic book, anime, science fiction, and fantasy fans. It’s going to be a pretty solid event with a LOT of independent artists attending and sharing their knowledge on writing, comic creation, self-publishing, cosplay armor building, and so on. There will also be dealers there selling some goods. And did I mention that it’s FREE? Cuz it is. FREE!

My panel, “Cosplay -  It’s All About Me?”, is going to be me and professional photog, Andrew Phillips, who did my vampire pics. Dru is pretty chill and a really easy photographer to work with. He’s one of the most approachable people I’ve ever met. So stop by, say hi, talk about your love of cosplay, and have a good time.

And please know, I do not only intend to be ay my panel. There are so many interesting people attending that I’m kind of at a loss of who to see. In addition to all this, The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) will perform on Saturday at 8pm. Atlanta Radio Theatre Company has been writing and producing original audio drama since 1984. This will be my first time listening to them, so I’m pretty excited.

After the Expo, I have 3 confirmed events planned. April 2nd is Hair of the Dragon, a photography party hosted by MarksterCon. This party was originally scheduled for January, but was postponed because of winter weather. If you are a local cosplayer looking to meet some con photographers, you will rarely have a better opportunity. It’s also a great way to get some fantastic pictures of your cosplay. I highly recommend it.

In May, I’ll be attending MomoCon where I’ll host a panel on harassment. I’m hoping I get to host one other panel, but I’m still waiting to hear back about that, so fingers crossed!

Summer is DragonCon prep, but there may be a couple of con appearances. Nothing big, but I’ll have more info closer to that time.

I’ll update my events page as I figure out what’s next.


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