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Fake Morality

Fake Morality

*Disclaimer – this post is rambling nonsense. You’ve been warned.

I find morality such a funny concept. People pull it out to defend their beliefs and their actions. Most often when those actions deny someone else basic human rights like life, choice, and freedom. I hear the word thrown around in religious, political, and health conscious circles – and that last one is a funny one but I hear it. I hear the cries for morality I various forums, from differing groups. Morality, morality, morality.

Your morality is bullshit. It is a comforting lie you tell yourself to justify your inhumanity towards others. Don’t think so? That’s another lie you tell yourself.

Morality is constructed. It’s made and maintained by dominant culture until there is a major push for change.

  • American civil war – slavery was legal, moral even. People used the bible to support it. Still do. Largest scale human rights violation EVER.
  • Equal rights for Black people? Battle ongoing.
  • Women’s reproductive health rights? Battle ongoing.
  • Women’s legal and economic rights? Battle ongoing
  • Equal rights regardless of sexuality? Battle ongoing
  • Equal rights for people with disabilities? Battle ongoing.
  • Equal rights for fat people? Battle ongoing.

And I could go on. Easily. Especially when you consider that the justification for these *drum roll* morality!

So much morality and so little humanity. It’s depressing and exhausting.

Here’s the thing. I really need you folks in the morality police to admit you don’t care about people. I need you to just flat out say it. I need you to say that you are more concerned with whether things fit into the reality you expect than you do about people. I need you to say that every day before you start talking about right and wrong, good and bad.

Now, I know you won’t. People don’t like admitting that they don’t care about people. It shatters that whole illusion of being a good person.

And it is an illusion. You are not a “good” person.

So, for clarity’s sake, here are some definitions so that we’re clear on what I’m saying.

  • Morality – man made construct used to control people and manage societies
  • Moral Good – society’s definition of what benefits the group
  • Moral Bad – society’s definition of what harms the group
  • Actual Good – the empathy and willingness to accept the human condition in all its variances. The willingness to fight for everyone to have access to human rights.
  • Actual Bad – murder that is not self-defense. Actively seeking to dehumanize others and deny them human rights.
  • Human rights – Check out the U.N. definition. There are a LOT. This document exists because of how casually and often these rights are denied to people…things like education, rest, culture, privacy, education, etc.

So this thing where people say it’s morally wrong for a woman to have an abortion is bullshit. Or that it’s morally wrong to teach children about sex. Or that only boys get education. Or that only heterosexual couples can marry. Or that only people who work get healthcare, or that only people with homes get privacy. Or the right not to be tortured. NOT TO BE TORTURED!

It’s all complete and utter bullshit.

I know this is a rambling mish-mash of thoughts. I plan to address some of these topics specifically with some interesting information behind them, but I needed to get some of the rage out and get some ideas together. After this, I’ll probably be able to write something cohesive about fake morality and people practicing it fuck up everything.

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