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Warcraft The Movie

Warcraft The Movie

Sunday I went to see Warcraft. I had no interest in seeing it as the trailers did not look that interesting to me. I’d played World of Warcraft with my significant other, so I knew he was a fan. When he suggested that we check Warcraft out this weekend, I hesitated. I had a convention this weekend where I was presenting and I really just didn’t think it would work out. Then I remembered that I needed to take some down time and maybe enjoy being with him in the midst of all the hustle of my current life. So we went.

I had zero expectations of this film, so I was surprised by how much I smiled during the first half-hour. World of Warcraft was a the first MMO I’d ever played and seeing the cities of Ironforge and Stormwind on the big screen hit a nostalgia button I didn’t know I had. Watching the griffins fly over these cities was just…I hate when I don’t have words for an emotion. I’m a writer for goodness sake. But it was an amazing feeling that reminded me of the wonder I felt when I first began playing World of Warcraft. Like the first time I realized that my avatar made footprints in the snow. That attention to detail still amazes me and watching these cities that helped me connect with my S.O. was wonderful.

Now about the movie, Warcraft, itself. I didn’t know the backstory. I came into World of Warcraft at Cataclysm, which takes play waaaaay after this movie. The only places I recognized were the two previously named cities, and Dalaran (the city in the sky), but that’s because I fell off of it a few times. Apparently I’d done a dungeon in the library but it had changed so much that I seriously didn’t recognize it. Also, I didn’t realize there were any Dranei in the movie. I was told they were there, but there weren’t recognizable which is surprising because that was the race I chose for my avatar. And now you see what I mean about the nostalgia. I keep getting sucked back into talking about “the good old days of playing World of Warcraft.”

So back to the movie. The Orcs, especially Durotan, were great. Watching those parts of Warcraft were fantastic. I didn’t question their believability and was totally able to immerse myself in their part of the story. The humans did not fare so well. The actor playing Lothar seemed to be channeling Christopher Lambert from the first Highlander movie complete with crappy accent and weirdly out of place goofiness. Actually, the three main human players in Warcraft, Lothar, Khadgar, and Medivh, were just goofy looking in general and I had trouble taking them seriously.

The other human actors did not have as large a role to play in Warcraft and the acting wasn’t stellar there, either. In fact, I kinda liked the king (Dominic Cooper) and Garona (Paula Patton). Everyone else was negligible. The story itself was fairly predictable. You knew who was going to die and who was going to be betrayed. The romance was kinda creepy and out of place. There were a lot of moments that felt incomplete, as if they cut out scenes that would have helped the flow. The rhythm was definitely off in some places.

Overall, I enjoyed Warcraft. The acting of the CGI Orcs was great; the humans were meh. The visuals were stunning. The nostalgia hard-hitting. I’m actively fighting the urge to renew my subscription to the game. Thankfully for my bank account, I’m busy so it doesn’t fit on my list at the moment.

My significant other sent me some video on the movie lore, because he's just that kinda guy. If you're interested in learning more about Warcraft, see below.

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