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2016 Kinda Sucked for Everyone Except Me

2016 Kinda Sucked for Everyone Except Me

Photos: Sith lower left by Atlas Photography, Bleez (upper left) by Bryan Humphrey, Domino (middle) by Dru Phillips, and Thanos (upper right) by Leo Photography

I know 2016 was a shit year for many reasons, with the presidential election being one of the major ones. This year was a reality check for a ton of folks and a revelation for many others. It was a year of lost relationships, estranged relatives, and white rage.

For Black people, it was more of the same except more people were empowered to push back, fight back, call out, and ensure our voices are heard. In other words, more of the same we’ve had to since birth.

That said, I’m happy to have made it another year. And I’m proud because while 2016 was fraught with loss and seemed like nothing more than a homage to shitty people, it wasn’t that bad for me. In fact, on a personal level, 2016 was a fantastic year and I want to celebrate it.

Here’s the list of shit I’m proud of for 2016.

1.       Writing and publishing 88 (holy shit) blogs and essays on multiple websites.

2.       Learning that regardless of how hard it gets and how tough the conversations are, my S.O. has my back and is willing to do the work.

3.       Attending the most conventions EVER – seven is a lot, especially as 6 were during the summer.

4.       Creating new content for three panels and participating in another panel at multiple conventions.

5.       Making my first real face prosthetic and wearing it successfully.

6.       Attending San Diego Comic Con and being included in a video.

7.       Attending my first out of stat conventions – HeroesCon and San Diego Comic Con.

8.       Publishing my first essay for another site – Thank you Black Girl Nerds!

9.       Getting paid for an essay I wrote – Thank you The Establishment!

10.   Being interviewed for my first podcast ever – Thank you Sugar Radio!

11.   Getting more than 1,000 hits in one month on my personal site – Thanks everyone!

12.   Publishing four essays on Huffington Post.

13.   Making it into a couple of cosplay galleries:

a.       The Best Cosplay from Comic-Con 2016

b.       Top 6 Plus Size Cosplayers  

14.   Building friendships through collaboration and collaboration through friendships – it’s possible.

15.   Building a Facebook and Twitter following. It’s small but growing. It’s also hard as shit. Props to the folks who make this shit look easy.

16.   Started a YouTube channel that I promptly neglected.

17.   Went on my first, and possibly last cruise.

18.   Staying employed to help finance this shit.

And that’s the list.

I told myself that 2017 was going to bigger and better than 2016 but, honestly, 2016 was rough. It was a lot of work…sometimes too much. My plan is to improve my content and think about what the hell I want to do on YouTube because while gaming is fun, it’s not my focus and I don’t do it regularly enough to maintain a channel. That shit is hard. I’ll be thinking about how to improve that by 2018.

That’s it. Happy New Year and I hope everyone is thriving in spite of the increased hostilities and efforts to oppress people across the globe.

Much love.

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