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To the 53% and Beyond…

To the 53% and Beyond…

You keep talking about white supremacy like it's a cute little fad all the kids are into instead of the life-threatening danger that it is.

You keep acting like those white men shouting their intent to "take back" their power are just some rambunctious kids who mean no harm; even though the last time they rallied, they murdered a woman. But you pretend it was an aberration, as though their violence isn’t the norm.

You pretend white men aren't dangerous. You protect them from the consequences of their actions, excuse their violent outbursts, ignore their weapon caches, disguise their assaults as boyish energy and manly urges. You tell us that their violence is our fault. That we invite it by being around. Being noticed. Being vocal. Existing.

While you protect and lie and protect and lie and protect and lie.

You rebrand oppression as normalcy and when it looks unseemly you name it something new. You help pass legislation to ensure that oppression stays the law. Then you continue to lie and lie and lie until the lies are all you hear and truth exists only in Black rooms and back rooms, unspoken in public and ridiculed as nonsense…Leaving its speakers discredited and often found lifeless, sometimes engulfed in flames.

You protect white men from admitting the truth of their brutally violent natures because you can't admit that nature is also part of you. A part of your parentage. A part of your history. A part of your now. And because you cannot admit the poison that has helped steer your life, you call it normal and pretend its victims are the real problem…even when one of its victims is you.

Instead of fighting, you sit there, helping them justify their foulness. Instead of making the world better, you enable them to pollute it more. You protect their offspring, raising them to step into the monstrous shoes that came before, raising them full of rage and entitlement to more than they ever earned, while helping their fathers create, enforce, and enact laws brutalizing everyone else. You comfort them while they make numerous attacks on the humanity of others, specifically Black people and non-Black people of color (NBPOC). You protect their entitlement to everything while they give nothing back. You help rape the world then demand that the world help you when you finally realize you aren’t exempt. And when you’ve healed, you, again, fight for their right to continue doing harm without consequence, and with your help they do it over and over and over.

You. The 53% who voted for it and the rest who quietly let this happen.

You demand Black women educate you. You demand that we save you. Yet your silence speaks volumes when it's our lives being decimated and our communities being destroyed.

Your voices return when we stand tall, proud in ourselves. Then your voices ring in the backdrop, demanding we acknowledge and submit to your white womanhood.

But you've stayed in silent opposition for too long. You benefited from our pain too often. And now that the consequences of your racist divisiveness are coming home to roost, you still look to Black women to define the dynamic that's harming you...instead of looking in the mirror and admitting it to yourself.

We gave you the answers to your questions years ago. We cannot save you. You worked too hard to undermine our voices. Your silence in the face of our abuses quieted our voices of solidarity. We are untrustworthy voices of our oppression, a trust you worked to undermine. So now you need to save yourselves.

We don't take up arms. We refuse to give the masses of whiteness the excuse they salivate for to wipe us all out. We know the horror that lives in your hearts. We are the descendants of those who managed to survive your reign of terror and your thirst for death. We know the storm that’s coming. We did not purge our history to hide from ourselves. We see history repeating itself, as the government aligns to stamp out everything that deviates from the white cis-het, ableist male power fantasy.

Where do you stand?

Will you stand by your monstrous man, mask off for the world to see?

Will you continue wearing the white supremacist façade of perfection while rotting from the inside?

Or will you finally admit the choices you made, own the inhumanity you project onto others, and do the work to start fixing this fucked up society? Will you fight to be a better human?

This is your fight, white women. Own it.

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