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I Made a Book

Printed book with original cover

I took many of my essays from 2016, 44 to be exact, and put them in a book. It spans from January to December and kinda runs through the my head as I dealt with the year.

"Why?" you ask. Okay, maybe you didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

I wanted to put the essays all in one place. It's cool to go online and look for them, but I wanted them all in one compilation that would be easy to manage.

Also, I wanted people to be able to loan it to someone who may not like to read essays online. 

Right now it's an ebook on the Kindle store. I have them available for print to order on CreateSpace, but I'm trying to decide about changing the cover. I like the Kindle cover much better than the createspace one but it sends the book back into review, and I'm trying to avoid that. But if I don't like the cover...

*Fast forward 15 minutes*

Yeah. I just decided to change the cover. Now I have 3 different covers for the same book. Ain't life grand? The first cover is now only available from me because I ordered 10 copies for myself. One goes to my mom, one to my sister, and the other 7 (cuz I'm keeping 1 forever) are mine to do with as I please. 

I'm leery about making print copies available on Amazon. There are a few perks to having it on CreateSpace - namely, the power to edit at will. Once the print copy is available on Amazon, I lose that ability. So, decisions...

Anyway, I have a book and that is cause for a celebration!

Breaking Normal: Essays about My Fat, Black, Geek Life

Available at:

Amazon eBook

CreateSpace Print Book




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"It's Fine." How "Get Out" Has Me Questioning My Instincts (Again) About My Interracial Marriage

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