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White People Are the Villains in This Narrative

White People Are the Villains in This Narrative

Every day I log into social media to learn that some other anti-Black, anti-Non Black People of Color (NBPOC) shit has gone down, usually at the expense of someone’s life.

A couple of weeks it was the Greenfell Tower fire in London that left hundreds of Black people and Non-Black People of Color (NBPOCs) dead because the government refused to prioritize poor people of color.

Last Saturday it was yet another cop being exonerated for murdering a Black person. His defense? He was scared.

Last Sunday, it was the murder of Nabra Hassanen, age 17 who was killed leaving her mosque.

Last Monday, it was the murder of Charleena Lyles, age 30 by the very police officers she called for help in reporting a burglary.

Friday, it was the declaring of a 2nd mistrial for the murder of Sam Dubois.

I don’t even mention the seemingly infinite micro and macro aggressions inflicted upon Black people, Black women, and POCs in this country. If I did, I’d never move from this computer, they are that constant.

It doesn’t matter whether the perpetrators are white. White people have engineered a society so inherently dangerous and unjust for Black people that we literally operate in a bubble of complete luck when interacting with almost anyone. We have zero idea if you’re going to hate us, kill us, or ignore us in our day-to-day interactions and that is a fucked up way to live.

We get to live on a global stage where white people enact continuous injustice and inequality on Black people and NBPOCs then dares to call itself great because of the lies they tell about their exploitation, dehumanization, and routine persecution of people who look like me. A country that has manipulated the laws, history, and perception of itself so completely, that every single white person in this country is tarred by this brush. Regardless of how much charity they do, how many selfless acts they commit, white people are the villains of world history and they cannot change that.

They fought throughout Europe, Russia, and the interlocked continents until they had nothing to fight over, and spread their destruction across the globe. The story is the same in Africa, Australia, and North America. They came, they killed, they killed some more, then they set down roots, called it whiteland, and slaughtered anyone who challenged them. They forced assimilation, demanded loyalty, then wrote history to absolve themselves of the guilt from their mass genocides. And today they kill to maintain that racial hierarchy. The liberals say they seek change, but only if they get to keep their ill-gotten gains while the conservatives are more honest about their belief in their superiority.

Either way, Black people and NBPOCs get fucked over with impunity. And to defend their core sense of goodness, white people lie. They lie and lie and lie and lie and lie. Our media is nothing but a huge propaganda machine designed to show how every type of white person is good, despite the horrible things they say and do. Regardless of their histories. No matter how their families got whatever little bit of power they did. And poor white people feel whatever tiny bit of superiority for being white and use that to their advantage at will. It’s a shitshow, and I am tired of being the game board in white people’s game of checkers. I’m fucking better than that.

But I was born into a system that was designed to silence me. A system that even now profits from my labor while telling me I’m worthless. I don’t know how to break the system, make anything matter, or become a hero in my own narrative because every tool I have in my arsenal is a result of the continued villainy of white people. This includes my home, car, clothes, and the computer upon which I write this. My access to the internet is a product of exploitation. And I know my continued existence is because I don’t disturb the norm enough to be removed.

I don’t lie to myself about it. I don’t tell myself I’m not hurting people when I know I am. White people have spent hundreds of years rearranging history to leave out the damning parts, allowing them to present a humane face to the world when really, they are the savage monsters they accuse Black people of being. They are the ones creating poverty for person gain. They are the ones polluting the waters, destroying the air, initiating false wars and inhibiting progress for profits while they create artificial scarcity of resources and let people starve. They are the ones refusing to build and maintain infrastructure while they build more and more unaffordable housing, stadiums, and shopping malls while refusing to raise the minimum wage. They are the ones still using slavery under the veneer of justice, all to keep them financially elite at the expense of the people.

They know they can’t call themselves heroes, so they create them, ensure they are white, and promote this illusion to the masses for consumption. And we eat up the lies like breadcrumbs leading to our demise.

White people are the witches in the gingerbread houses. They are the liars and the tricksters of the “free” world that ain’t so free. They are the gatekeepers of information and the preventers of innovation. They are the petty tyrants of the neighborhood HOA and management in the office. They are the embodiment of failed dreams and hopes who never learned to play with others and instead kill the other children and steal their toys.

Greed. Pain. Rage. Selfishness. Murder. Self-destruction. Brutality. Death. These are the legacies of whiteness and nothing less than a complete purge of everything they value will bring the changes this society needs to embody justice.

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