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Stop Selling Out Our Blackness

I have this thing where I'm watching these spaces curated by Black people for Black people either were low-key pandering to the yt gaze or sell themselves to them...

There's this weird underlying notion that you haven't "made it" until you getting them yt dollars and those curating these spaces have shown themselves willing to cash out on the trust of their followers and audiences. It fucking sucks. And yet, it's a norm.

Time Out with TaLynn Kel – OnyxCon 2017 Comics Edition

I visited OnyxCon 2017 and sat down with comic creators Ashleigh Davenport, Manuel and Geiszel Goday, and Rod Brown to find out about their projects. Links to their info are below.

Segment 1 is Ashleigh Davenport, the creator and writer behind VuDu legends and owner of Final Beat Comics.

Segment 2 is Manuel and Geiszel Goday of Black Sands Entertainment.

Segment 3 is Rod Brown of Native Comics.