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Hot Girl Summer: Loving the Skin I’m In

I convinced myself I didn’t have body dysmorphia but would only go out half-dressed when I was squished in a corset that changed my shape into something more acceptable. I refused to wear shorts because my thighs are big and eat shorts like popcorn. I told myself I was comfortable in my body because I covered myself in sheer veils and learned how to position myself to look more acceptably shapely than I’ve ever been.

And yet, I fuck without shame with the lights on…So what am I really afraid of?

It's a Gaslight Life For Us!

I know so many men are super slow when it comes to sexism so as long as you aren't trying to gaslight me, undermine me, condescend to me, or yell at me in my DMs, while simultaneously ignoring what I'm saying, we can be cool. But when you do all that shit at the same damn time? Fuck you. Fuck your feelings. Fuck your words. Fuck your life.

But mostly, fuck you.

I'm not here for your shit.