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So, I Went to a Little Thing Called San Diego Comic Con Part 2

So, I Went to a Little Thing Called San Diego Comic Con Part 2

When we last spoke with our hero…

Day Two of the convention (day three of my trip)



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I was tired and my feet were sore. So sore that I opted out of wearing my boots at SDCC on Friday. I was the tiniest bit sad about that because I was dressing as Nightwing Harley Quinn, a mash-up I did for a Mix and Match cosplay party at Battle and Brew a few weeks ago. At the time, I grabbed some blue duct tape and taped it to my t-shirt to resemble his costume and since I already had the mask, batons, and gloves, it was a quick and easy ensemble to put together. For SDCC, I upgraded a bit and purchased some ponytails so that I could have the long ponytail look. I also bought some blue lipstick so that I could create a kind of checkerboard pattern on my lips.

The rest of the costume came directly out of my closet. I even used my compression socks and some duct tape to resemble striped athletic socks. Unfortunately, all I had for comfortable, foot friendly shoes were my grey and orange sneakers. They had to do because I love myself too much to torture my feet two days in a row.

My significant other (S.O.) decided to ride the shuttle over with me, but because I was putting on a costume, I took me a lot longer to get dressed. That always makes me feel bad, even though he just uses the time to play around on his phone. Still, I felt the need to hurry, which led to a painful mistake – I glued my Nightwing mask to my eyebrows.

If you’ve ever used spirit gum to attach an appliance or mask to your face, you know that you aren’t supposed to put it on any body hair you want to keep. My mask, a leather prop I made at a workshop with God Save the Queen Fashions, is a “floating” mask, meaning that I don’t use strings to keep it on. I think the impact is better and it’s stable and long lasting. So long lasting that 12 hours later, I spent 20 minutes using everything except the spirit gum remover I’d left home, to get it off. I still lost 1/3 of my eyebrows but because my eyebrows are pretty thick, they just look like my esthetician got a little overzealous.

Despite the worry about my eyebrows, it was fun wandering around the con as Nightwing Harley. It was hilarious how people thought I was either Nightwing or Harley Quinn, but never a combination. I guess that means I did a good job. I wandered around the con while my S.O. stood in line for SDCC exclusive toys. Occasionally I brought him food between the panels I attended. I also passed by Phil Lamarr in the hallway and ran into Chloe Bennet from Agents of Shield in the bathroom. She was preparing for her panel taking place down the hall which I didn’t attend because I’d already committed to a friend’s presentation. Fortunately, Flicks and the City posted highlights on YouTube so I was still able to check some of it out.

That evening I had plans to attend a meet and greet hosted by Racialicious, Black Girl Nerds, and Comic Nerds of Color at the Hilton Bayfront, across the street from the convention. That hotel is gorgeous and the lounge where the meet and greet was held, right there on the bay, was amazing. Prior to going there, I ended up walking through the dealer’s room where a friend of mine noticed that the Hasbro line, the line that stayed closed to new customers all of Wednesday and Thursday, was now open. This was the line my S.O. was highly pissed about being unable to get into because they had a Fortress Maximus available for purchase.

Fortess Maximus.

That fucking box was huge and heavy. The bag they gave me to carry it was two feet tall. It is a huge robot and I am still angry at having to tote that shit around for 6 hours. That’s gotta be love, right?

Anyway, back to the meet and greet. The Hilton Bayfront was such a beautiful setting for this group of friendly, amenable people. They had a really great turn out. I was my usual awkward self, but it was cool. I met Keane from All Podcasts Matter, and some really awesome comic and content creators, as well as the organizers. It was a fun, low-key event. Maybe next time I’ll warm up faster and actually introduce myself to people.

Day Three (technically day 4 but who’s counting…other than my feet)

Saturday was Thano day! I love my Thanos cosplay. Granted, it doesn’t always look as good as I would like and it takes a bit of time to get into, but overall, except for the difficulty eating, I love how it turns out. This time, I had a little trouble with the edges of the appliance. I am probably going to do a little more tailoring so that it looks better next time, but other than that, I rocked it.

I can safely say that this was my “popular” costume. I was stopped for pictures in this cosplay, whereas Thursday and Friday, nobody cared. Hell, I was even interviewed in a pretty obnoxious way by KROQ radio. This is the ultimate conundrum about cosplay, though - is it for me or the approval of others? Sometimes, that answer is both. When I’m dressed as Thanos, that’s definitely my answer.

I’d hoped to get picked out of the crowd for the Guardians of the Galaxy signing like I did for Luke Cage, but my S.O. started getting annoyed with the crowds and people bumping into him so I chose to leave early with him. While I do regret cutting out on that potential opportunity, I still had a great day. The weather was cooperative – it was the coolest it had been the entire weekend and the humidity was less. I’d intended to hit the “We Are All Heroes” panel, but I thought it was an hour later than it was. Unfortunately, my schedule was in my phone which was difficult to check. My gauntlets are TIGHT and getting them on and off is a bit of an ordeal. Like, it takes a couple of minutes so I minimize how often I do it.

And while Saturday was the worst day for me when it came to meeting my objectives, it was still a successful day. I just think I forgot the first rule of slightly complicated cosplay – don’t plan to do anything except be in costume. Everything is more difficult when your costume is complicated. Eating is harder. Drinking is harder. Walking is harder. Navigating crowds, picking things up, checking your phone…everything is a damn challenge. Once you embrace that and minimize your “To Do” list to “stand around, take pictures, look fierce” everything goes a lot better.

So, after failing to hit any of my objectives for the day, I went back to the room, showered, then headed back to the Gaslamp District for dinner and Pokémon hunting. Downtown Pokémon hunting is awesome. I cannot stress that enough. The food was ok, too. Also, there was a cosplayer dressed as that puppet from Saw. That shit was freaky. I wish I had gotten a better picture but it looked at me and I lost my shit and ran off. There is something about not being able to see someone’s eyes for real that makes me feel a little threatened.

After wandering around a bit more, we gave in to our exhaustion and headed back to the room to pack for our trip home. Even though SDCC still had one more day left, we were done. Four days is long enough for any convention, especially when there’s a 4-hour flight attached to each end.

And that was my San Diego Comic Con adventure. I’ve been home almost a week and I’m still somewhat recovering. Oh well. One month till DragonCon!


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