Cosplay Photos

I am an avid cosplayer. I love the freedom cosplay provides to change my look.

My Instagram account ( houses the most recent pics. Some older ones are below.



I have been cosplaying since 2005. You can see the early days and the progression as I tried out different characters and creative tactics to create my looks.


This year marked a significant change in how I approached cosplay. I looked for more opportunities to work with professional photographers and started getting better quality images. I still had plenty of fun, but the better images were an intentional effort, and it shows.


2013 marks the year I started working with thermoplastics and tried making armor pieces. I am not any better at it now, but I enjoy it. Despite that, I still use duct tape and purchased props when I want.


I made my first decent face prosthetic. I attended my first San Diego Comic-Con. I did my first winged cosplay. I attended my first HeroesCon. It was a year of firsts.


I kept using thermoplastics to build cosplay pieces. I also continued my streak with finding great photographers. I also discovered the wonders of puffy paint. That stuff us amazing!


The year Afro Storm came to be. I love this cosplay, as you can tell by how often I wore it. I also brought out a new version of Mohawk Storm and brought forth Afro Phoenix.


I participated on my first panel at MomoCon this year. It was an awesome experience that would transform my convention experience for years to come.


Another year of firsts. I started vending at conventions, was a guest at Mid City MicroCon in Baton Rouge, LA and MomoCon in Atlanta. I also introduced my pin-up looks for Typhoid Mary and Storm.