Season 1 Episode 13 The D-Word

In this episode, we are demystifying the "D" word...DIVERSITY as it pertains to the larger creative spaces we frequent that utilize it as an invitation into their worlds for Black and other marginalized creatives to participate.

Season 1 Episode 12 - Conventioning While Black

Join the New Wakanda crew of Talynn Kel, Robert Jeffrey II and Dedren Snead as we speak from our own experiences over the past few years attending both as fans and as creatives to several conventions, and our strategies on how we work to build a successful plan to maximizing and enjoying the convention experience.

Season 1 Episode 5: Works Of Wakanda February 2018

Join TaLynn Kel, Robert Jeffrey II and Dedren Snead as the New Wakanda crew takes a reflective look back at what we've accomplished so far creatively in 2018. With the busy spring and summer convention circuit fast approaching, what we do now will frame our successes (and misses) for most of the year, so we share our plans and plights in hopes of meeting our lofty project goals. Think of this segment as a progress report/therapy session for our artistic hubris.

Season 1 Episode 3 - 2017 NYE Review

We roundtable about what the year did (and did not see us accomplish in our projects and endeavors, lament about surviving your own career expectations, and what can we do to propel us forward into 2018 with a plan of success.